If a team wishes to be able to qualify for the ICPC World Finals, then before competing in ANY qualifying regional event, the coach and all team members must be fully registered in the ICPC Registration System.  Registration may not be done retrospectively. Incomplete registration or circumvention that leads to incomplete or false data are grounds for immediate disqualification. Please read the rules to make sure you are eligible to enter.

If you are a student and wish to compete in the contest, complete personal registration then contact a coach at your institution. A team requires 3 members to compete in the contest. However, your coach may be able to put you in a team if you cannot find 2 other contestants yourself.

Coaches must complete personal registration before registering  teams. Coaches must also supply invoicing information for their teams.

Registration for a contest typically opens a month before the contest and closes just before the contest.

Personal registration.

Team registration (currently closed).

Invoicing information (coach).