2019 Regional Final

The Regional Final for 2019 was held at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, on November 22nd - 23rd.

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In the presentation photos, the Chief Judge, Max Ward, is on the left and the Regional Contest Director, Yu-Cheng Tu, is on the right.

1st: University of Western Australia

Sometimes I Drink Barbecue Sauce In My Nightmares

Albert Smith,

Lauren Gee,

Jacob Smith

World Finalists!


2nd: University of Auckland

Looking for internship

Qingchuan Zhang,

Shih-Hao Chen

Xuping Shen,

Coach: Miao Qiao

World Finalists!


3rd: University of Wollongong


Minh Nguyen,

Anh Minh Le,

Duc Thien Bui


4th: University of Melbourne


Anand Bharadwaj,

Yong See Foo,

Michelle Chen

Coach: Emir Demirović