South Pacific Programming Contest

This contest is one cog in a larger wheel known as the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). All universities in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand are invited to compete in the contest. The top teams in each Division will compete in the Regional Final hoping to win a place in the ICPC World Finals.

Divisional Sites

Each year, the ICPC regionals begin at local competitions among classmates to determine who may represent their university. Success at one level leads to an invitation to the next. Each region progresses differently, but the end result is the same, the best teams advance.The final regional contest determines the teams advancing to the World Finals.


The contest dates for 2020 will be announced when they are known.

Team registration is open for about 4 weeks before the first contest.


The Boersen Prize

Ms. Raewyn Boersen, South Pacific Director, Founder, and recipient of the Mark Measures Distinguished Service Award, has contributed significantly to the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) for over 30 years. Raewyn has built a strong community that enabled young computer scientists in Australia and New Zealand to showcase their problem solving skills internationally. She has also encouraged young women to explore the fun in computer programming. The Boersen Prize celebrates Raewyn’s work and legacy for the South Pacific Region. The Prize encourages women participation in the South Pacific Regional Finals by awarding an all female team with a place in the Regional Final.




In the presentation photos, the Chief Judge, Max Ward, is on the left and the Regional Contest Director, Yu-Cheng Tu, is on the right.

1st: University of Western Australia

Sometimes I Drink Barbecue Sauce In My Nightmares

Albert Smith,

Lauren Gee,

Jacob Smith

World Finalists!


2nd: University of Auckland

Looking for internship

Qingchuan Zhang,

Shih-Hao Chen

Xuping Shen,

Coach: Miao Qiao

World Finalists!


3rd: University of Woollongong


Minh Nguyen,

Anh Minh Le,

Duc Thien Bui


4th: University of Melbourne


Anand Bharadwaj,

Yong See Foo,

Michelle Chen

Coach: Emir Demirović


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